Robin Johnson, et al, “Code Name: Foxfire” b/w promo pic

Continuing the celebration of the magnificent Robin Johnson…

This is a most unusual photograph of Robin Johnson in that she looks (to me, at least) somewhat uncomfortable. Deb Mac shared her collection of Code Name: Foxfire publicity photographs with the “Fans of Robin Johnson” Facebook group — it’s one of the places the RJ hardcore hang — and they are fantastic. As Deb suggested, the directions for these shots all seem to have been “Let’s see those lips, sugar!” They are certainly poutrageous. This shot, however, is not “in character” — the character being Danny O’Toole, the Greatest Driver Alive and Poutist — and is rather more pensive. (“Uncertain emotions force an uncertain smile” — The The, “Uncertain Smile.”) But even in this outfit, Robin Johnson is as beautiful as ever.

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7 Responses to Robin Johnson, et al, “Code Name: Foxfire” b/w promo pic

  1. Deb Mac says:

    And what the fuck is with Sheryl Lee Ralph opening her jacket? Seems like her direction for the photo was, “Show us some tit, sweetheart!” She looks rather uncertain too.

    But Joanna Cassidy is like, “I’m the star honey, you don’t mess with me.”

  2. joseph wegesa says:

    Publicity shots for promos are never in character. They just want the pics of the stars. It’s beautiful pic though.

    • They’re not necessarily in character, but they certainly tell us something about how producers want the show and the stars to be portrayed. So we get this rather over-the-top glamour shot instead of the three actors in trackie dacks, a flanno, and a fag hanging out of their mouths.
      That’s what my glamour shot looks like, any way!

  3. Deb Mac says:

    Well, except for an ep where Danny had to get get glammed-up to pose as a proper lady, she never had to dress like that, to my recollection. Which was kind of, uh, the point> You know being that they had to doll her up and teach her some manners. Mind you, dolled-up Danny was somewhere between Darcy doing her sarcastic “lah-dee-dah” and Cookie Fitzwaring.

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