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Times Square / Robin Johnson centrefold!

No, not that kind of centrefold, this one is much better! It is a promotional poster of Robin Johnson in Nicky Marotta’s “Damn Dog” costume (but with her original guitar): The weekly trade publication Radio and Records, in an article … Continue reading

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The Voice of Revolution / Robin Johnson’s voice

In my post “Love Letter to Nikki/ Career Advice,” I suggested that successful (early career) representations of women who don’t fit into the tight strictures of appropriate womanhood — in that case, by playing a butch lesbian — is detrimental … Continue reading

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Pammy, Working Hot

“the only music that in any way describes what I feel about you is disco music” (mary fallon, working hot) On the occasion of Trini Alvarado’s 44th birthday, because our Trinita ROCKS.

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