¡No Pasarán! ¡Venceremos! ¡Sleez For All!

Yesterday’s Washington Post had an article that said “As election season heats up, send us photos of your favorite signs from campaigns, rallies and protests.”  Since Sleaze, Inc was so famous for its biting critique of the mass media, I am sending them the following:

I’m sure they’ll publish them. It has to be better than yet another racist sign about Obama.

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If you have any comments, anecdotes or images regarding Times Square fandom, please email me at defgif@gmail.com
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2 Responses to ¡No Pasarán! ¡Venceremos! ¡Sleez For All!

  1. sleez_sister_4ever says:

    I often wonder – whatever happened to all those extras in Times Square – the girls in the crowd – the Sleez Sisters! Where are they now?

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