Times Square / Robin Johnson centrefold!

No, not that kind of centrefold, this one is much better! It is a promotional poster of Robin Johnson in Nicky Marotta’s “Damn Dog” costume (but with her original guitar):

The weekly trade publication Radio and Records, in an article subtitled “A New Wave Saturday Night Fever,” reported that Times Square had a production budget of $6 million, and a promotional budget of $500,000. This “centrefold poster” in the 21-28 June, 1980 edition of trade weekly Screen International (London, UK, n. 246, pp 12-3) is evidence of that promotional budget. The full-color poster, on (double) A3 paper, was published seven months before the film’s UK release.

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4 Responses to Times Square / Robin Johnson centrefold!

  1. Joseph Wegesa (Kitale) says:

    That is an amazing picture! WOW!
    Thanks a lot for that.
    Just continue surprising us with more TS goodies.

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