Nicky and Pammy, Angeles

no one’s gonna fool around with us
(elliott smith)

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2 Responses to Nicky and Pammy, Angeles

  1. Deb Mac says:

    Hey, what the heck happened to your Facebook profile? All of a sudden you’re just gone? Come back!

  2. Dear Deb Mac,
    Thank you for your concern. However, please do NOT start an international campaign for my release from an authoritarian regime. I was NOT arrested for writing this Times Square fandom blog. I do NOT have a cousin in Georgia. I have only ever been in the Middle East on a transit stop in Dubai, and I have NEVER been to Scotland. I have, however, been in Ohio (how are ya, Bill Graber, foxy lady?)
    Electricity in the pier is intermittent at best. Also, it is 1979-80 and the Internet is not yet publicly accessible. So I left Facebook. Oddly, however, I will continue to blog. It’s been a strange Web-week.
    Defeated and Gifted

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