Nicky and Pammy, Hand in Glove

hand in glove
the sun shines out of our behinds
we may be hidden by rags
but we’ve something they’ll never have
(the smiths)

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3 Responses to Nicky and Pammy, Hand in Glove

  1. Justina Johnson says:

    This is a fantastic picture. It says volumes.

    The poem, I would need help to completely grasp the meaning there. However, I have an almost mechanistic brain, so poetry is quite a challenge for me.

    Again, that picture is very fine.

    • It is beautiful. The lyric is from The Smiths. It sums up Nicky and Pammy for me: young, madly in love, defiant and glorious. And for the not-so-young, it conjures that wonderful hope: that wherever you are, and however you might appear to others, you can still be fabulous. Words to live by!

  2. Joseph Wegesa (Kitale) says:

    You’re a genius! How did you pair that picture with the lyric. It’s amazing and captures the very essence of the pair.

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