Where are they now?: iii) Johnny LaGuardia

Morals charges.  So many morals charges.

LaGuardia is in protective custody at an undisclosed penitentiary.  This was necessitated not by the scene pictured — turning up at the home of runaway minor teenaged girls with a bottle of vodka, rhythm, and questions about that “wild lady,” Nicky Marotta — but by his brief turn as prison radio disc jockey.  Other inmates claimed his moral pronouncements, corny homilies, and tone when enunciating phrases like  “It’s that kind of night, and that kind of feeling,” made them feel “unwholesome” and “really icky.”

Like, ewwww, Johnny La Guardia.  EWWWW.

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3 Responses to Where are they now?: iii) Johnny LaGuardia

  1. dañado says:

    that creepy voice should remain behind bars for life (apologies
    inmates)…love.your.blog.defeatedandgifted!…and would love to hear your thoughts on the amazing shoulder-strapped JVCs used in the movie (http://www.pocketcalculatorshow.com/boombox/birth3.html)

    • Thank you for your comment, dañado. There is so much about Nicky Marotta (and yes, Robin Johnson) in this film that is exciting that I have not yet been able to deal with its boomboxedness. My favourite aspect of her own boombox is the electrical tape holding it together. This i) reminds me of one of my laptops and ii) makes me feel sad that gaffa tape is redundant to the ipod world. The link is wonderful, and I will explore it more fully.

  2. monica says:

    where can i find the full movie? they post only 3 parts on youtube…want the rest please??

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