Trini Alvarado in “Smash Hits”

This interview in the 21 March 1990 edition of Smash Hits (Australia) is the only interview I have found so far in which Trini Alvarado refers to her role in Times Square. If you are aware of another, please let me know!

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5 Responses to Trini Alvarado in “Smash Hits”

  1. sleez_sister_4ever says:

    Hey, I love your Times Square blog. I love everything about Times Square. Even “Help Me”.

  2. Joseph Wegesa (Kitale) says:

    I don’t even think she ever listed Times Square on the movies she had done. At least here she says Satisfaction wasn’t good and not Times Square!
    BTW, I like “Help Me”. I think it sounds kinda sad and a good way to end the movie. There may not be many who agree but I stick with my opinion.

    • It’s certainly the first mention of Times Square that I’ve seen in one of her interviews. She was certainly the best thing in Satisfaction; I thought she and Britta Phillips were pretty cute together.
      And you seem to have a few people on your side of the “Help Me!” debate!

  3. sleez_sister_4ever says:

    I think the number one reason I love “Help Me” is just because it’s part of Times Square, I’ve seen it so many times, it just wouldn’t be the same without it. Also, I think lyrically, it fits the movie. And, as someone who was a 15 year old girl when Times Square came out, I can tell you I was listening to Blondie and The Pretenders and The Cars, and Olivia Newton-John too! It fits the time period. One more thing, Marcy Levy was in a group called Shakespear’s Sister in the 90’s.

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