Robin Johnson pin-up!

Literally, and not just metaphorically!
This A4 poster of Robin Johnson is from an unknown magazine, c.late-1980. Please let me know if you can identify the magazine logo. (A poster of Tom Petty is on the reverse of this page, illustrating one of the easiest decisions I have ever had to make.)
Yours to print out and keep!

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7 Responses to Robin Johnson pin-up!

  1. same old scene says:

    Love the mic in shot at the bottom of the photo 🙂

    Great pic, love the blue border on the inset picture too, 80s-tastic

  2. Hi same old scene, I can’t say I’d noticed the mike until you pointed it out, as I was too busy slipping in a drool puddle, but even I noticed the blue border. Up close, it kind of pulsates. It might be hypnotising me… no, that’s still the main picture, sorry. Um, I was saying…
    oh, that’s right! Yes, very eighties! Which is interesting, since the movie was released in late-1980, (mainly) filmed in late-1979… In terms of its look, and especially its fashions, it’s a really interesting seventies/eighties crossover, and it anticipates many fashion styles to come. Which I’ll post about later.
    Thanks for commenting!
    Yours in pervitude,
    Def Gif

  3. same old scene says:

    Yes, its a hypnotising photo! Sexy as hell.

    That’s what I love about the film, it perfectly captures the cultural shift from late-70s to early- 80s, post-Disco to New Wave, especially the soundtrack, with its mix of late-Disco, New Wave and Punk. Plus, its captured a long-lost geographical landscape forever.

    If you have any more photos to post, I can’t wait to see them 🙂 What a great blog, long live Time Square. God, it’d be great to see at the cinema…

  4. Look, if I had more photos like this, I’d never leave the shrine in my bedroom. Wait a minute…!
    I think the film crosses, or resides on, many different boundaries. I will of course be posting on my favourite soundtrack album ever, but rest assured I welcome reader submissions!
    And the next pin-up will be a Pammy. Just to be fair.

  5. JD says:

    Hi K! It’s me, JD, with a message from the far future!

    This picture is page 49 of the September 1981 issue of “Star of Pacific” magazine from Thailand. (That logo is highly stylized Thai for “Pacific”, and just above it if you look closely is a tiny “Star of” in English.)

    I know this because I found one, but unfortunately for me in my copy the color registration is off on this one page (!), so it looks blurry where yours is nice and sharp.

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