I heart Robin Johnson

Consider this post my birthday card to Robin Johnson.

In an interview on DIS, A.L. Steiner and A.K. Burns discuss their queer feminist “film installation” / “sociosexual video” , Community Action Center (2010). Asked to “describe feminist fashion,” Steiner and Burns reply, “See below.” And below is a web-collage, juxtaposing images of “recommended reading / viewing” and “musical influences”. I have cropped a selection (and link to the article which should be prefaced with a Not Safe For Work proviso, but I don’t know where you work, so if you work somewhere that doesn’t like images of feminist porn, or you just don’t like feminist porn wherever you happen to work or not work, then don’t click this):

We obviously have a couple of Times Square fans here; along with Nicole Eisenman, Steiner is a member of the feminist art collective Ridykeulous! who presented a QUEER/ART/FILM screening of Times Square wearing trash bags and opining that the sex scene of their alter-egos, “Nicky” and “Pammy” — “perhaps the hottest sex scene ever recorded on film between two Jews” — had been cut. (They continued, “the sex scene is believed to have been spotted in the dusty bowels of the Lesbian Herstory Archives. At this VERY MOMENT, a small but not unattractive cadre of private investigators in wifebeaters are working up a sweat and moaning inappropriately as they ‘comb the stacks’ to retrieve it.” See, folks? “Impersonation” can be funny and clever, but you have to know your subject. And be funny and clever.)

I was thrilled to see Robin Johnson amongst other fabulous women who provide inspiration for feminists in the Community Action Center collage; since seeing Times Square, Robin Johnson, with her unique talent, presence, style and power, has continued to inspire me.

Robin Johnson, you fabulous, kick-arse woman: happy birthday and thank you for the years of inspiration. And many more to come…

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8 Responses to I heart Robin Johnson

  1. Deb Mac says:

    Bravo. 🙂

  2. Lita says:

    love the film so much! was so please to find out that robin and I have the same birthday, and that we both wear a gold necklace with the gemini sign. massive girl crush!!

  3. Martin Cockerill says:

    That clip was hilarious. I never used to miss this film when it was shown on British TV, purely because of Kathleen Wilhoite`s performance – she always reminded me of Nicky. I actually have a sneaky liking for all of the film`s produced under the Cannon banner. Needless to say it`s My favourite Charles Bronson film!

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