Times Square in “Tiger Beat”

This was a full-page advertisement in the October 1980 issue of Tiger Beat.
Thank heavens for large promotional budgets; I was a fairly regular reader of Tiger Beat at the time, and women or girls rarely featured on its pages.

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6 Responses to Times Square in “Tiger Beat”

  1. Sean says:

    Wow, looks exactly like the inside front cover of the Oct. 1980 “Circus.” That ad must have run in every Oct. 1980 teen-y music magazine.

  2. joseph wegesa says:

    Thanks, Karen.

  3. Rob Padley says:

    Sadly I noticed this sites last blog entry was September 2012… but it dod inspire me to do some digital sketches of Nicky, so go team Marotta!

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  5. sandie8 says:

    Firstly, I LOVE ‘Times Square’ and Robin Johnson. My all-time favourite movie. Does anyone know where I could get a script of the movie? I would really love to see how it was written and whether those cut scenes are included.

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