In order to welcome new readers, I suggested the posts that might constitute the “greatest hits” of this blog. Lest you think the acclaim has gone to my head, I now present Defeated and Gifted’s biggest misses! (This list is in no particular order; you can’t quantify failure!)

*you've pulledThis post, my first, has the lowest hits of any post on this blog. I can kind of understand it, because it’s just a title and an image. So no real need to click on it. It still has less hits than the spoiler alert. Any way, I still think it’s funny.

* There are a few contenders in a tight field, but I think this is my least favourite entry. It’s perfunctory (I hate the character of Johnny LaGuardia) and it has one small picture from the time before I realised people mainly want pictures. I sort of apologise.

"Call the Vice Squad, kid, vodka's kicking in"

“Call the Vice Squad, kid, vodka’s kicking in”

* This 4 second video has the lowest viewership on my YouTube video channel.

* After name searches (including Trini Alvarado, Aileen Wuornos, Robin Johnson, Marla Singer, Sharon Mitchell and Kathi Wilcox, respectively) the next highest search term for this blog remains “trini alvarado feet.” I repeat: what is WRONG with you people?!?

There ya go, perves!

There ya go, perves!

* your correspondentI really don’t like to brag but this blog has less than ten subscribers / followers. I know, I haven’t posted for a couple of years! It has never had more than ten subscribers / followers. So this is dedicated to you! Each one! Thanks for joining me!
I remain,
Defeated and Gifted


2 Responses to defeated

  1. wendy says:

    I saw this movie when I was 13 I loved it and have been looking for anything about it for years! Ours been 36 years. You do the math. & my memory about scene s was facing. I remember throwing tv out Windows and that It was so similar to a friendship I had she was that over the top nut job who got me out of my shell. Now….when to get it to watch?

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