In order to welcome new readers, I suggested the posts that might constitute the “greatest hits” of this blog. Lest you think the acclaim has gone to my head, I now present Defeated and Gifted’s biggest misses! (This list is in no particular order; you can’t quantify failure!)

*you've pulledThis post, my first, has the lowest hits of any post on this blog. I can kind of understand it, because it’s just a title and an image. So no real need to click on it. It still has less hits than the spoiler alert. Any way, I still think it’s funny.

* There are a few contenders in a tight field, but I think this is my least favourite entry. It’s perfunctory (I hate the character of Johnny LaGuardia) and it has one small picture from the time before I realised people mainly want pictures. I sort of apologise.

"Call the Vice Squad, kid, vodka's kicking in"

“Call the Vice Squad, kid, vodka’s kicking in”

* This 4 second video has the lowest viewership on my YouTube video channel.

* After name searches (including Trini Alvarado, Aileen Wuornos, Robin Johnson, Marla Singer, Sharon Mitchell and Kathi Wilcox, respectively) the next highest search term for this blog remains “trini alvarado feet.” I repeat: what is WRONG with you people?!?

There ya go, perves!

There ya go, perves!

* your correspondentI really don’t like to brag but this blog has less than ten subscribers / followers. I know, I haven’t posted for a couple of years! It has never had more than ten subscribers / followers. So this is dedicated to you! Each one! Thanks for joining me!
I remain,
Defeated and Gifted

3 Responses to defeated

  1. wendy says:

    I saw this movie when I was 13 I loved it and have been looking for anything about it for years! Ours been 36 years. You do the math. & my memory about scene s was facing. I remember throwing tv out Windows and that It was so similar to a friendship I had she was that over the top nut job who got me out of my shell. Now….when to get it to watch?

  2. Jennifer says:

    I can’t believe that I only first saw this film about two years ago. I was at a horror marathon and one of the vendors had a bootleg VHS to DVD version. Low quality but enough to get the point. Today I went to see it on the big screen at Metrograph in NYC. I’ve been living here since 1989. My father was from New Jersey and moved to Ohio- I was born there. My father loved New York City- he talked about it like some people talk about the great love of their life, the one that got away. I’m glad he never lived to see what the city has become. 9/11 truly killed our city. My father died in 2008 and his last trip here was in 2004. When I moved here in August of 1989 much of Times Square was exactly as it is the film. My father instilled a deep love for the city in me through his stories about his teen and college years in Manhattan. He always said I couldn’t go to NYC until I was 18 because it wasn’t for kids. I can’t believe how much my life mirrored this film. As a kid in Ohio – I was an artist in a family that forbid it. I used to listen to a live Punk radio show broadcast on the CBC in Canada and I wrote the host letters. There were a few people who’s letters he consistently read and mine fell into that small group. It was were I learned about great music and it fueled my desire to go to NY even more. I had a close friend all through Jr High and High School and often my mom would blame my ideas and or depression on my friendship (mostly because my friend would never snitch on me to my mother who I am sure prodded her for info.). Of course my sadness was my family life and had nothing to do with mental illness or any of my friendships or interests. Seeing the faded print today at Metrograph was amazing. It’s such a great screen. It breaks my heart watching the city fall on a daily basis to greedy developers. After 21 years in alphabet city my building too has finally been bought- and we will fight- but our beloved NYC may be gone forever. As it is now, it’s pretty much everything I came here to get away from. I was blown away by Robin Johnson’s performance. It’s incredible. She should have had Angelina Jolie’s career. She reminds me of Jolie’s performance in Gia. Her ability to strut like Jagger.. her cross sexual appeal- vulnerability, anger, insanity- Jolie had to have seen this film.

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