Celebrating Robin Johnson!

This is the first of several posts this month in which we celebrate the unique magnificence of Robin Johnson.

(l-r) Sheryl Lee Ralph, Joanna Cassidy, Robin Johnson.

This 8×10″ colour photograph is a promotional image for the 1985 TV series, Code Name: Foxfire. For information on this series, see RobinJohnson.net’s page on Code Name: Foxfire; this is of course the definitive site for information on Robin Johnson.

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6 Responses to Celebrating Robin Johnson!

  1. Sean says:

    Wow, I’ve never seen that one before!

  2. edc says:

    if you can rock a dress made of curtains, you know you got style.

  3. joseph wegesa says:

    Cool! Thanks so much for this.
    You always get the rare stuff.
    Keep keeping the RJ aura alive.

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