Where are they now?: ii) Nicole “Nicky” Marotta

As I stated in the last post, while this blog outlines fan concerns and fandom issues pertaining to the film Times Square (1980), I am not in communication with any of the film’s protagonists. Therefore, I cannot forward your email nor pass messages or care packages to Nicole Marotta.  This also goes for you, Pamela Pearl!  I am not in contact with Nicky, I tell you!  (If however you are interested in Robin Johnson, the “actor” who “played” Nicole Marotta, you can go to a “tiny little corner of the web devoted to Robin Johnson”.)

After the incidents depicted in Times Square, Nicole “Nicky” Marotta faced numerous legal charges including automotive theft, assault, fraud, armed robbery, criminal menace, and holding a marquee concert without a police permit.  While the more serious charges of kidnapping and manslaughter were dropped, the mayor’s office threatened to invoke laws relating to transportation of a minor across state lines should Marotta reappear in New York City.

Escaping to Hooter College, Marotta founded a girl gang, Phi Beta; “sorority sisters” swooned:

But the most controversial aspect of her sojourn at Hooter College was her creation of the rock and roll girl band, The Splitz.  Along with Joan Jett, Patti Smith and Yoko Ono, Marotta is considered the musical and spiritual godmother of riot grrrl.  The Splitz, however, cannot in any way be considered a “good band.”  In retrospect, it is apparent that The Splitz was in fact part of an ongoing art installation, but the project was so high concept — was it parody?  pastiche?  self-parody?  self-annihilation? — that fans were left confused.   On the plus side, performing with the band did allow Marotta to return to NYC, in a legendary concert at CBGB.  Although still devastatingly handsome, Marotta eluded capture by disguising herself with very large earrings.

College Dean Hunta — herself in fact the escaped mass murderer Martha Beck — detected a fellow traveller and took a shine to the young Marotta.   Under the guise of reprimanding her, Beck suggested that they split Hooter College and do a “Honeymoon Killers, girlstyle.”

It is not known how she responded to the invitation, but her bandmates soon after found her guitar missing and the words “PEOPLE DISAPPEAR EVERY DAY” scrawled in lipstick on the dorm mirror; both “Dean Hunta” Beck and Nicole “Nicky” Marotta were gone.

Rumours that Marotta lived with both the Weather Underground and Black Liberation Army,  worked with Rote Zora in Germany, co-founded ACT-UP, Queer Nation, the Lesbian Avengers, Ladyfest, the Lesbian Sex Mafia,  and dated NYC Det. Olivia Benson — when Benson looked like this — remain unconfirmed.  Nevertheless, Marotta sightings have continued from the time of her disappearance to the present day.

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2 Responses to Where are they now?: ii) Nicole “Nicky” Marotta

  1. Fantomex says:

    Sounds just about right with Nicky, her doing this; I don’t see her living her life any other way.

    • Hi Fantomex, thanks for your comment. I’m glad you agree! Some fans assume or surmise that Nicky is no longer with us, but I like to think of her as a glorious, mythical creature continuing to wreak havoc on the timid and mainstream. She is / does in the movie; why should that change?

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