Nicky, this IS one of your best ideas

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6 Responses to Nicky, this IS one of your best ideas

  1. same old scene says:

    I’m in

  2. Joseph Wegesa (Kitale) says:

    Nah. I only go with number one. It wouldn’t be Times Square without Help Me. Not my fave song by far but essential since it is part of the movie as it was, is and always will be. Not for the third one at all. They are kids, let them be.

  3. sleez_sister_4ever says:

    I have never heard the director’s commentary but I do know Stigwood and Allan Moyle disagreed about the editing of Times Square, to say the least, right? But, however this film came about, I wouldn’t change a thing. I guess, Stigwood wanted another Saturday Night Fever and Moyle wanted well, more creative freedom. Anyway, maybe without Stigwood’s input, the film wouldn’t have been as fun, because it seemed like they had to find creative ways to get all those songs in there, and then we get all the great scenes of Nicky and Pammy bonding together in various ways, to music.

    • Hi, sleez_sister_4ever! I agree that the film we have is worth celebrating. I think the main bone of contention is in regards to the contract Robin Johnson had with RSO. They intended to develop projects for her, as can be seen by the Times Square publicity that focused heavily on her, and numerous interviews mentioning specific projects. After the film’s lack of success at the box office, these films were not produced, and Johnson was tied to the contract. This prevented her from taking up offers post-TS. I’ve never been able to understand that: I’m not doubting the story at all, but why would you prevent someone from working if you no longer wanted them to work for you?

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