Where are they now?: i) Pamela “Pammy” Pearl

I should note that while this blog outlines fan concerns / fandom issues regarding the film Times Square (1980), I am not in communication with any of the film’s protagonists. Therefore, I cannot forward your email nor pass messages to Pamela Pearl.  (If however you are interested in Trini Alvarado, the “actor” who “played” Pamela Pearl, you can go to “I ♥ Trini”.  Unfortunately, “ A Web Tribute to Trini Alvarado” no longer exists; the nostalgic can get a stripped-back version of its flavour and devotion to “Miss Trini” at Archive.org’s Wayback Machine.)

Despite being born to a famous father, after the incidents documented in Times Square Ms Pearl has maintained a relatively low profile.  She is pictured here signing autographs for fans at the film’s premiere: (Note that Ms Pearl is signing with her right hand, despite significant documentation that she is in fact left-handed.  This is early evidence of her capacity to “swing” as required…)

Unlike Nicole “Nicky” Marotta, who went deep underground after the 1979 “kidnapping,” Pamela Pearl briefly continued her musical career.  She performed in a duet at NYC bathhouses:She briefly played drums in 80s girl band Mystery: Finally, Pearl performed solo as a singer-songwriter, here pictured at the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival:Fans saw these efforts as increasingly desperate attempts to reconcile with former partner Nicole “Nicky” Marotta.  Reminded that she had in fact dumped Nicky, Pearl retreated from public life.

In a coming post, I investigate the current whereabouts of Marotta.

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